CC321 offers color consultations

Using psychology, color theory,
and over 10 years of experience
evaluating how different paint colors
interact with sheens (flat, semi-glass, ect),
we would love to help you create the
perfect palette for your home or
commercial building.

With 2 packages to choose from, we guarantee to impress!

$150 Mini: you have some idea of what you want and even have some colors picked out, but want a professional opinion without a personal evaluation. 

$300 Premiere: you have no idea where to start, and would like to undergo our evaluation to pick the best color scheme for your home or office. This is an ongoing process, and palettes can change at any time until you're satisfied!


"Albert Munsell, artist and teacher, created the Munsell color wheel for artists that is the global standard for organizing color harmony. It indicates colors that are true to nature based on these 3 dimensions: Value - the lightness or darkness of a color; Hue - the amount of warmth or coolness of a color ; Intensity - the brightness or dullness of a color."