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Our Values as a company
reflect the 4-Way test of
Rotary International

Our Mission at CosmicCoatings321

is to create beautiful, welcoming spaces in Brevard- reflecting the importance of our Indian River Lagoon with ecological mindfulness within every job we execute. 

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With a deep love for the Indian River Lagoon and a passion for color theory/art, two  Brevardians created an eco-centered painting company.

Catering to both residents and businesses alike, we service all of Brevard, providing exterior/interior painting services as well as pressure washing if requested.

With over 10 years experience in both environmental science

and construction painting, we're hoping to bridge the gap 

between waterway quality and the passion we have for

creating beautiful home spaces.

Our main focus for change within our trade can be found in following concerns:

                           *A lack of paint equipment clean-out stations has led to both                                                   residents and companies alike to use "creative" ways of                                                       disposing paint, including washing out directly in resident                                                    lawns and filling liquid paint with kitty-litter/sand to be                                                     disposed of at local landfills. 

CC321 has directly partnered with Marine Resources Council and LagoonLoyal in order to stay up to date on current Indian River research. 

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