The EcoWashout Initiative

CosmicCoatings321 LLC is on a mission to help educate Brevard County on ethical paint cleanout methods.
Since 2011’s mega algal bloom in the Indian River Lagoon, research is clear: human activities negatively impact the waterway in a much larger scale than ever thought. Overutilization of fertilizer, runoff, and boating neglect are all areas of concern…. But what about the misuse of washing out paint equipment, which happens every day all over the county?


Did you know there are actually more individuals living along coast lines in America, than any other place? Of the total population of 19.6 million in Florida, approximately 15 million people live in coastal portions of the state. (Source: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) 

The BetterBusinessBureau reports 254 painting companies within 100 miles of Rockledge, Brevard County’s oldest settlement. Since the Indian River Lagoon spans 156 miles, one can imagine there’s actually many more painting businesses making an impact on our waterway(s).


Each individual paint business can operate multiple jobs at different locations, which requires multiple teams of painters to repeat the cleanout process until the individual job is done- this can take anywhere from days to months, depending on how large of a project. And that’s only taking commercial teams into consideration… many homeowners prefer to paint their own houses and lack education around safe disposal methods.


Due to a lack of education around this topic, chemical seepage into the Indian River Lagoon might be even bigger of an issue than one could begin to imagine!

Currently, there's only 1 for-profit technology to exist in the world that facilitates paint recycling: The Envirowash. Link:

This product is expensive, and doesn't seem feasible to individual home owners looking to paint their own house, small time business just starting out as painters, or contractors that employ many teams which would require multiple units to facilitate ethical washouts.

CC321's vision, is to create a nonprofit: EcoWash Inc.


The end-goal is to host a facility in Brevard County that ethically recycles paint using naturally occurring chemicals while self cycling on clean water. Our proposed technology will allow large-scale operation for paint recycling.


As we undergo the plans for prototype printing, we invite organizations all over Brevard to request us as speakers on this topic. As painters in the trade for approximately 10 years, we have hands on experience and knowledge in this area.