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An overwhelming amount of homeowners face property damage every year in Florida during Hurricane Season, and CC321 is here to help restoreour beautiful community! Brevard helped shape our family-operated business into who we are today, and we're prepared to give back. This referral-based program will allow residents who need it the mostto return to normalcy.100% volunteer based, we will help provide the services to Brevard residents that are in obvious need of emergency restoration assistance. 

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Fence Restoration

After noticing areas of Brevard County that need help restoring their residential and commercial fences, we decided to create a division of our business solely focused on this.

Overtime environmental conditions pose an issue to keeping a crisp looking exterior for your business or home. When the fence is still standing, its hard to justify spending thousands on a replacement in order to maintain aesthetics. 

Whether wooden, plastic, or chain-link, CC321 can restore your fence from rusty or discolored, to like-new aesthetic condition without having to replace the fence itself.

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Furniture Touchups

If you have a simple wood furniture piece that needs extra love, we'd love to help! With knowledge in every step of the wood restoration process, we look forward to helping bring your furniture back to life.